Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

As a long-established, family-owned business, Oakland Glass has gone from strength to strength without compromising on its values, priding itself on quality and service.

We know that these values are embedded into our core and intrinsic in every aspect of our business but we also know that we need to continually strive for improvement. Like any successful business, we know that we have a responsibility to abide by these values at all times. This means many things:

  • It means continually reducing our impacts on people and places, communities and the environment, directly and indirectly, both on our doorstep and further afield.
  • It means taking positive steps to empower our people to think and act in a responsible and caring way. Encouraging and rewarding them to do so promoting better practices.
  • It means creating a business culture which takes responsibility for its actions and supports a more sustainable solution for everyone we deal with and everything we have an impact on.
  • It means building a sustainable business which puts back more than it takes out.

Integral to this CSR Commitment, our vision and values, we have put in place a robust structure of policies, practices and actions which everyone at Oakland Glass can play a part in.  These CSR Policies cover: