Triple Glazed Units

Triple Glazed units offer a superior thermal and sound efficient solution in more extreme locations.

Triple Glazed Units

Oakland Glass Ltd is recognised as an industry leader in the production of double glazed units, attaining the highest performing and lowest U-values possible with latest state-of-the-art technology and production methods available.

To improve on the already excellent performance of our double glazed units, and to meet our customers ever increasing demands, Oakland Glass Ltd offer its industry leading Triple Glazed units.

Current building regulations

Current Building Regulations state that any window you install today should have a U-value (a method used for comparing energy performance, see side-bar for more details) of no higher than 1.6, as most modern double glazing now has. All Oakland Glass Ltd Double Glazed units reach or indeed exceed this requirement.

Oakland Glass Ltd are always looking at ways to meet future requirements, and improve on the already excellent performance of our double glazed units.

Future building regulations

The Government is using the Code for Sustainable Homes as a roadmap for us to move towards building zero-carbon homes. This means that the pressure to improve the energy performance of windows is growing faster than expected. Indeed, the required improvement is reaching the stage where double glazing may no longer be enough to meet the demands.

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) more or less requires us to adopt the ultra-low-energy PassivHaus standard which demands windows with a U value no higher than 0.8, that is, triple glazing with insulated frames.

Thermal insulation

The standard of glazing has to match the standard of the insulation elsewhere in your property, so that the warm wrapping around the house performs consistently. If double glazing makes a modern house more comfortable to live in, triple glazing makes it even more so.

Triple glazing provides higher thermal performance than double glazing. The internal surface temperature of triple glazing is warmer than double glazing, meaning that there is no 'cold radiant' from the surface, even on the coldest winter days. This warmer surface temperature helps make a room more comfortable at a slightly lower temperature than would otherwise be the case. So it allows us to turn our thermostats down a degree without loss of 'thermal comfort', thus adding to the energy savings of the window.

Sound insulation

We have discussed insulation in thermal terms, we must not forget another important aspect of triple glazing, sound insulation. In houses and offices in higher noise environments, for example close to main roads, school playgrounds, that extra layer of glass in a triple glazed unit makes a significant reduction in the sound transferred through to your living / working environment.