Oakspecials™ Decorative & Bespoke

Introducing Oakspecials™ our Decorative & Bespoke glass solutions, including: Georgian, Duplex and Leaded units.

Decorative & Bespoke

Oakland Glass Ltd introducesOakspecials™ our Decorative and Bespoke glass solutions, including: Georgian bars, Duplex and Leaded units.

Oakspecials™ for individuality

We are capable of designing and producing lead, bevel and stained designs to a customer's specification.

We can produce designs and quotes prior to ordering to ensure our customers' requirements have been met.

Oakspecials™ for craftmanship

We have now introduced our new Frameless Georgian Slitting System allowing us to place the Georgian bars into Super Spacer which provides a more accurate product for our customers.

Our Georgian bars are available in a variety of colours, finishes and sizes and we have the ability to manufacture our own Georgian bends to customer specifications.

Oakspecials™ for flexibility

Georgian units can be made bespoke by our computer design system to any specification you require.

Oakspecials™ the obvious choice

Oakland Glass have now introduced ceramic coated glass which is available in a variety of colours and finishes such as matte & high gloss etc.