CSR – Communities

Since opening our first factory in Dewsbury in 1986, we have never lost sight of the importance of the community we serve. The importance of encouraging a community spirit, of helping people achieve their ambitions, of being a good neighbour and the importance of value, quality and service – these are all part of the values and vision of our family-owned business. For these reasons, we have always been committed to contributing to and supporting our local communities – helping boost local economies and enhancing the vitality of local neighbourhoods by creating jobs.

  • Our approach We will act and behave with the needs and expectations of the local community in mind. We will do this by:
  • Encouraging people and local communities to reach their potential
  • Investing in communities through factory growth and community-investment programmes
  • Offering local employment opportunities and supporting local economic activity
  • Talking and listening to our communities about our plans and their needs

We are committed to:

  • Investing and supporting our communities through factory growth and community giving programmes
  • Offering local employment opportunities
  • Supporting local economic activity
  • Offering our customers great product quality and customer service excellence