CSR – Diversity

Oakland Glass has witnessed over many years the importance of serving and supporting an increasingly diverse and vibrant society. Our teams are attracted, retained, rewarded and developed to reflect this rich diversity so that they are in the best position to serve their customers.  Our team members are eclectic, energetic and passionate people and we aim to give them every opportunity to use their initiative to achieve their potential. We celebrate individuality but we also understand the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging within our teams as well  as in the wider community.

Our approach is that we value the importance of diversity and support this by:

  • Ensuring our recruitment practices are fair and our teams properly reflect the diverse and eclectic communities they serve
  • Encouraging team performance by setting clear, measurable and achievable targets
  • Keeping accurate records and a maintaining a high standard of reporting
  • Communicating in simple and honest terms with our team members, customers, suppliers and everyone we deal with

We are committed to:

  • Attracting, retaining, rewarding and developing a diverse and eclectic mix of team members
  • Creating a family culture which celebrates success, supports needs and expectations and helps achieve potential
  • Helping team members to live balanced, rewarding and healthy lives
  • Supporting diversity in our teams and their local communities