CSR – Ethical Policy

As a manufacturer with strong family values we believe in conducting our business with integrity – acting in an open, honest, fair and balanced way in everything we do. This principle is fundamental to the way we do business and reaches every part of our organisation. It also means we nurture an open and respectful working environment in which it is easy to voice any concerns over misconduct or dishonest practices without fear.

Our approach is to enhance our reputation as an ethically run family business by:

  • Meeting as a minimum all legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Adopting industry best practice
  • Issuing, maintaining and regularly reviewing guidelines on the way we do things
  • Training team members to understand good and bad ethical practice, to recognise and avoid unacceptable behaviour
  • Taking firm and appropriate action against individuals that breach our guidelines

 We are committed to:

  • Achieving our business plan in an ethical, respectful, fair and responsible way
  • Clearly defining and communicating our ethical responsibilities to our customers, team members and suppliers